Works and projects

What are we doing in Applied Modern Literature in Nîmes? a little preview here…

Analysis in discursive practices (second year)

Court journalisme

February 2020 – For one month the students had the mission to cover the news of the court of Nîmes and to report on it in a newspaper of their creation.

How I met your lawyer : “Our newspaper, dedicated to the judicial world, has, as you have seen or will see, two facets. These two facets, which are humour and engagement, also define us as young adults. Every week, you will find articles on very serious subjects and others on much lighter subjects treated with humour in order to spend the best of times in our company.”

Discover it here : 


Numeric discourse

Semester 4 2018 –L2 students wrote a dissertation in discourse analysis, using the numeric discourse of their choice as a corpus.

Do you travel : travel around the world selling dreams, but not only” : ADN_Doyoutravel_


Poetic reinforcement of narrative and language (L2)

Escape game

Quarantine 2020 – To put their knowledge of narratology and linguistics into practice, the students had to create an escape game, with the added constraint of dematerialisation, since everything was done at home.

To discover “sauvons notre année”, it’s right here!  (Warning: spoilers. To get the game’s documents, contact

sauvons notre année!