Visit on a set : La Dernière Partie

On Thursday 21 January, Manon, Julie and Maud, students of the master’s programme, went to Montpellier to attend the shooting of the film La Dernière Partie.

Directed by Ludovic Colbeau-Justin, this TV film will be broadcast in 2021 on TF1. The cast includes Franc Dubosc, Guy Marchand, Macha Méril and Julie Gayet, among others.

Although they were not able to interact much with the team, due to the health situation, they told us about their experience.


« Personally it was my first time on a shoot, so I thought it was really cool to see how it went! Unfortunately we didn’t have much time to talk to the crew […] except for a director who was also a student, who was very nice to us, and an extra with whom we talked. »  


Manon, student in M2


« It was also the first time I’d seen this kind of thing so I thought it was nice to have this kind of opportunity. It was rather surprising to see the number of takes they have to do for scenes that last the time of barely two lines of dialogue, or to see all the elements that affect the shooting (street noises, planes passing by, someone interrupting a take to ask Franc Dubosc for a selfie, or the dogs on the set who don’t want to do their job). » 

Maud, student in M1


«It wasn’t my first time on a shoot, because I was able to go on two shoots thanks to my internship at KPRODZ. On the other hand, it was my first time on such a large shoot; it was really interesting and instructive to see how a larger shoot goes. It requires more precise logistics and organisation. In addition, you have to deal with an aspect that you are not usually confronted with as a spectator: time. Each shot is worked on, rehearsed, multiplied until you have a satisfactory take, which will finally be doubled – even for the “simplest” shot. »

 Julie, student in M1

The master and its students interact with the cultural industries of the region, both through regular professional meetings and through opportunities such as this one seized by Julie, Manon and Maud.

Thanks to her for their testimonies and for the photos taken on stage !