How to : join the Master


Productions, uses and interpretation of fictions (PUIF)

Humanities and Creative Industries (HCI)

University of Nîmes


Which Bachelor’s Degree is needed to enter the Master Fiction?

The following degrees are particularly suitable: Literature, English Language, Literature and Civilisations, Information and Communication Sciences, Arts, Cinema and Audiovisual.


How many students are there in the Master Fiction?

20 places are open in first year to students from France and abroad. It is also possible to apply to enter the second year.


What are the skills required to enter the Master Fiction ?

  • mastery of oral and written expression in French
  • a high level of proficiency in English, both spoken and written, enabling you to follow lessons in this language.

(The following can be used as proof of your level of English: any certification (TOEFL, TOEIC, etc), or a transcript containing a mark obtained in an English language course).

  • mastery of text and image analysis tools
  • a broad literary and artistic culture, open to works from the cultural industries as well as canonical productions.
  • a personal and professional motivation to integrate the course.


When and how to apply ?

On Aria, between  April 20 and June 2 2020 (with deposit of pieces until June 8) for the first session, from July 11 to August 24 for the second session.


What are the documents in the written file to be presented to the pedagogical committee?

  • a resume
  • a cover letter explaining your professionalisation project related to the Master’s degree (at least one paragraph must be written in English).
  • If you are planning to realise:

– a research paper, a presentation of the subject is to be attached to the file.

– a creative project, a presentation of the project as well as some examples of previous productions are to be attached to the file.

– To create your company, a presentation of the project and market research leads are to be attached to the file.

Don’t forget to attach it to your resume in Aria!

You can also send additional documents (old projects, current projects, 3 maximum) to the mail of the people in charge.


What if your written file is selected ? 

An oral interview, part of which will take place in English, will finalise the recruitment procedure. This exchange can take place in person or remotely.


See you very soon !!!


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