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Our Master is organising regular meetings and masterclasses with writers, publishers, producers and scenarists :


Each year, students have to do an internship of at least 6 weeks.

You can find here some hosting structures for the 2019-2020 session:





Kevin : ” This internship with K-Prodz was a chance for me, because I was able to immerse myself in the reality and daily life of a professional in an audiovisual company. I learned a lot about filming and editing techniques that will benefit me in the future. I was able to go and film directly in the field and to set up various projects for the company. I was also able to see how a pre-production works, even if I prefer the technique rather than the paperwork of the production… “


20 C Rue Traversière, 30900Nîmes
04 11 25 00 40

website  :





English speaking bookstore-café Le Bookshop in Montpellier


Bookseller, a hybrid profession: customer advice, orders, receptions, storage, service, checkout

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British Screen – Écrans Britanniques, Nîmes


In charge of communication -> realization of promotional clips, in charge of social networks, photos of the guests.

Traduction -> film subtitling

Reception -> taking care of guests during their stay

Organisation -> events in coordination with Downtown, CCI, guests



Facebook page:


Épisod’in app, Montpellier

Cannelle : ” With the Storyvores, a collective of writers from Montpellier, I worked on the design of their online publishing app Episod’In. My role was to make a state-of-the-art of other online publishing platforms in order to establish a first draft catalog for the application, which would be adapted to its unique publishing format.”

Website :



Position held: Sales consultant, shelving, orders.

26 Allée Jules Milhaud, 34 000 Montpellier.



Cultural Life Mission of the University of Nimes

Complete organization of the Printemps des Arts festival (creation of posters for call for projects), contact with participants, organization of the planning, meetings with the security and communication services, presentation meeting, interview by email, recording of projects, room layout, etc. )

Creation and animation of an escape game for the Open Day of the University of Nîmes.

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Position held: Cultural Engineer (development of the bookstore and its contents, organization of various events such as the Pinçon-Charlot exhibition)

Joanne : “L’Archipel, is a place including, in addition to a bookstore, co-working spaces, a multi-activity room where yoga sessions, dance and improvisation theater classes, conferences on well-being and various exhibitions take place, as well as a rooftop where various events are organized during the summer. This place is also an extension of the Spot, an associative place, and is therefore partly managed by the same team.)”

The bookstore offers independent comic book works from different publishing houses, including 6 Pieds Sous Terre – the publishing house held by the main manager of the bookstore, Miquel Clemente.”


6, rue Pierre Semard, 30000 Nîmes

Facebook page of l’Archipel :

‘l’Archipel” page on the Spot website :


Prizoners, escape game, Bordeaux

Intern’s missions : Communication, game mastering, game design;

“Prizoners, the space-time travel agency specializing in quantum leaks, has the mission to solve mysteries through Time.”

Intern’s mission: Editorial and journalistic support, among others: proofreading and correction of texts, page layout, posting of journalistic shorts, video editing, newsletter management, design of promotional visuals.


Intern’s missions : Participation in the associative life of the Manoir du Crime: Creation of fiction content and events around fiction; Participation in the activities of the Manoir du Crime bookstore.


Janimes, board games and role-playing games,

3 Rue des Marchands, 30000 Nîmes

Intern’s missions: Familiarization with the game market and specialization in role-playing games


Livr’S, publishing house, Belgique 

Intern’s missions: Reception of manuscripts, Reading sheets, preparation of visuals

Crescendo Productions, Audiovisual productions, videos and films, documentary reports, Nîmes

Intern’s mission: Participating in the creation of a cinematographic project, focused on sport and disability; Writing of a screenplay


Le Festin, magazine and publishing house in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Intern’s mission: Writing, editing; Contacting museums to find out about upcoming exhibitions, writing short texts about these exhibitions, making corrections, etc.


Bookstore Les Beaux Jours, Tarbes (Hautes-Pyrénées, 65 000)

Webite :


Bookstore Sauramps in Cévennes, Alès.

Intern’s mission: Discovery of jobs and of the book chain: Customer management, shelf placement.


Année 2018-2019:

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