AUTEUR DE BD : Benoît Preteseille

Master FICTION hosts Benoît Preteseille, on 24, 25 and 28 september 2020, for a comic books Masterclass. Stayin in l’Archipel, the author is pursuing his “subjetive visits” of museums while proposing a writing workshop in the Musée des Beaux  Arts, in Nîmes.

Benoît Preteseille is a comic books author and publisher for ION, where he publishes drawing books. In the books he wrote, he developed an iconoclast universe, revolving around this stange and distuubing thing called Art, with a big A. He published L’Art et le SangMaudit Victor, Mardi Gras et Histoire de l’Art Macaque in éditions Cornélius. His book Duchamp Marcel, quincaillerie (éditions Atrabile) is also dedicated to one of the avant-garde major figures from the XXth century. He defended in july 2020 a thesis about comic books published during the 1960’s in France by éditions du Terrain Vague, under the supervision of Thierry Smolderen (ÉESI) and Stéphane Bikialo (University of Poitiers). His doctoral work also includes the creation of a numeric comic book,  Le Jaune, based on Maurice Leblanc (collection RVB, éditions Hécatombe), and a very free adaptation of Gaston Leroux, Les Poupées Sanglantes (éditions Atrabile). He also draws for a young audience, mainly in collaboration with the éditions Biscoto, develops a musical activité under the name Benoît Tranchand, and teaches in the École européenne de l’image à Angoulême.