Bordeaux Geek Fest

Claire Cornillon will participate to the online Bordeaux Geek Fest : Saturday 27 june, 16h Metting around Buffy the Vampire Slayer Sunday 28 june, 12h30 : round table around La Trilogie du samedi (french version of NBC’s Thrilogy) You can see it here:    

Michèle Clément

During the AFICTIONADOS festival, the university of Nîmes hosted Michèle Clément, Renaissance specialist, who will come to present his future book on the notion of “common culture”.

Bounthavy Suvilay

During the AFICTIONADOS festival, Bounthavy Suvilay will present her book Indie Games: Histoire, artwork, sound design des jeux vidéos indépendants (Bragelonne, 2018). Being the first book dedicated to independent video games, Indie Games was produced with the help of emblematic development studios such as PlayDead and Amanita Design, and rising stars of independent video games,…

Matthieu Letourneux

Matthieu Letourneux, lecturer in French literature at the University of Paris Nanterre, will present his book Fictions à la chaîne: littérature sérielle et fictions médiatiques (Le Seuil, 2017) at the AFICTIONADOS festival. From Fantomas to James Bond, from detective storytelling to science fiction, from Harlequin to Série Noire, modern popular culture obeys a serial dynamic:…

De Jules Verne à Star Wars : ces univers imaginaires qui fascinent

  Wednesday, March 27 2019, 18H30 Auditorium Carré d’Art, Nîmes. Contemporary fiction presents itself as infinite worlds in which the spectator can immerse himself at leisure: thanks to cinematic sagas or television series, the experience is prolonged from episode to episode; thanks to video games, the show becomes action; thanks to novels, comic books, novellisations,…