Afictionados: University’s Week of Popular Culture


This event offers a festive gathering of professionals and researchers in popular and media culture and students of art, humanities and cultural industries.

On the programme :

A series of lectures by specialists in popular culture, based on works that are in the forefront of university research (open and public events) :

A 24H creation competition on the ÉPISOD’IN application (for students, on registration)

(the competition is postponed to September 2020)


A Master’s study day (for students, upon registration)

Music and Fiction – calling for projects

Evenings and meetings with professionals (open and public events)






Monday April 6

9H-12H coworking research: popular music and media fiction, supervised by ECs and PhD students from RIRRA 21 (in Montpellier)

17H Opening – university research and popular culture by the Master FICTION’s team

17H30 conference “Common culture during Renaissance?” by Michèle Clément (university professor at Lyon 2 University)

18H30 launch of the creation competition by Catherine Feunteun, creator of the ÉPISOD’IN app.


Tuesday April 7

8H-20H creation competition day 1 (Saint-Charles site, University of Montpellier; Hoche site, University of Nîmes)

17H30 Lecture by Claire Cornillon, MCF of comparative literature at the University of Nîmes, author of Sérialité et transmédialité : infini des fictions contemporaines, Honoré Champion, 2018. (Médiathèque Carré d’Art, Nîmes)


Wednesday April 8

8H-20H: creation competition day 2 (Saint-Charles site, University of Montpellier; Hoche site, University of Nîmes)

You can find the competition’s presentation here:


9H-17H: doctoral day at RIRRA21 WIP12 (Saint-Charles Montpellier site)

14H: lecture Doctoral studies and popular culture, Yoan Vérilhac, Claire Cornillon, Amélie Chabrier

18H30: Lecture by Bounthavy Suvilay, PhD in literature, author of Indie Games: Histoire, artwork, sound design des jeux vidéo indépendants, Bragelonne, 2018. (Media library Carré d’Art, Nîmes)

19H30 : Meeting with Étienne Corbaux (BlackLiliPute) (Dokfu, Ankama ; Candy Crush) (Médiathèque Carré d’Art, Nîmes)

Thursday April 9

9H30-16H Master’s study day, ” popular music and media fiction ” (Hoche site, University of Nîmes)

Find the call here:

Music and Fiction – calling for projects

18H-22H: Evening at L’ARCHIPEL

– 18H-19H30: meeting with Eve-Sophie Santerre and Frank Bellocq, directors and scriptwriters (Parents, instructions for use; Workingirls; Groland) and presentation of projects produced as part of the Master Fiction programme.

– 19H30: aperitif buffet

– 20H30: broadcast of the first 3 fictions sent in for the ÉPISOD’IN creation competition.

– 21H: Open Screen to all those wishing to broadcast their short creations


Friday April 10

17H : Lecture by Matthieu Letourneux, University Professor at the University of Paris-Nanterre, author of Fictions à la chaîne, littératures sérielles et culture médiatique, Seuil, 2017. (Carré d’Art Media Library, Nîmes)