Creation of the Master’s own YouTube channel!

This channel is used to publish students’ work, certain professional meetings and conferences. It was inaugurated to put online a dematerialised version of the AFICTIONADOS festival which was to be held in April. To replace the AFICTIONADOS festival, the guest researchers answered the questions of the Master Fiction from home. First conference: with Bounthavy…

Alumni testimonies

 Because no one can talk better about a Bachelor’s Degree than the alumni, we asked them to tell us what they are becoming and some of their memories about those three years.

Introduction to the Bachelor’s Degree

Harry Potter and Hunger Games readers ? Fantasy fans ? Lovers of fictional worlds that unfold on cinema screens or smartphones, on the pages of a book or in video games, on role-playing games? Author of poetry, manga or fanfiction on Wattpad? Or simply curious about contemporary literary phenomenons, as well as older literary phenomenons…

Michèle Clément

During the AFICTIONADOS festival, the university of Nîmes hosted Michèle Clément, Renaissance specialist, who will come to present his future book on the notion of “common culture”.